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About the Šiauliai district

The area of ​​Šiauliai District Municipality is surrounded by a close circle around the city of Šiauliai, which is called the capital of Northern Lithuania.

Šiauliai district is located in the northwestern part of Lithuania - on the edge of the Eastern European Plain, in the middle lowlands of Lithuania. According to prof. A. Basalykas, Šiauliai district intersects 3 physical-geographical boundaries - the Samogitian highland slope of the Eastern Samogitian Plateau, the middle Venta lowland and the Mūša-Nemunėlis lowland. Thus, our area, although dominated by lowlands, is quite diverse geographically - from hilly to wavy plains.

The highest point of the district is Girnikai hill near Bubiai - 183.4 m, the lowest - Šakyna lowland - 82 m above sea level.

The district is bordered by 6 other administrative units: from the northwest - district of Akmenė, from the northeast - district of Joniškis, from the west - district of Telšiai, from the southwest - district of Kelmė, from the southeast - district of Radviliškis, from the east - district of Pakruojis.

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