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Common Information

  • Area of Šiauliai District comes to 1,819 km² and constitutes 2.8 % of the territory of Lithuania.
  • Territory of the District is divided into 11 townships.
  • Kuršėnai is the largest town in the District.
  • Forests cover 31.8 % of the area. 46 species of diverse small and big animals breed in forests and scrubland.
  • There are 27 natural lakes; water bodies cover 2.6 % of the District area. Lakes, rivers, and ponds are populated with 29 species of fish.
  • The river Venta (41.7 km) and the river Dubysa (17.2 km) flow across the lands of the District.
  • The District includes some part of Kurtuvėnai Regional Park.
  • There are approximately 500 protected cultural values.
  • The best part of the territory of Šiauliai District lies in the plain area excluding the southern part where the countryside is interspersed with hills, Samogitian Highlands.
  • The highest point of the District, the Mound of Girnikai reaches 183.4 meters in the land of Kurtuvėnai while it is just 82 meters above sea level near the lowland of Šakyna.



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